Nonprofit entities encounter many challenges in carrying out their mission. The Brontide team has worked with association and membership organizations, foundations and charitable entities. We understand well that while these type of organizations have different goals, they all share common issues such as budgeting and fiscal woes, human capital turnover, state and federal revenue shortages, cancelled government contracts, continued donor cutbacks and limited foundation grants. The Brontide team is dedicated to supporting our nonprofit clients’ missions and can provide assistance with:

  • Audits, Reviews or Compilations
  • Circular A-133 Audits
  • Agreed-Upon Procedure Engagements
  • Compliance Examinations Pursuant to Federal Reporting Requirements
  • Employee Benefit Plan Services
  • Preparation of Forms 990, 990-T, 990-PF and Relevant State Forms
  • Audit Preparation Assistance
  • General Bookkeeping Services