Founded in 2015 by Alec Ronin and George Papadopoulos, Brontide LLC takes an innovative approach to traditional accounting. Alec and George realized there was a better way to do things – a way to employ technology to simplify business processes and eliminate unnecessary overhead, all in an effort to better serve your clients. From that realization came Brontide – an accounting firm that blends modern and innovative thinking with an old-school commitment to service, ensuring your business gets the accounting support it needs to succeed. The Brontide leadership team brings more than 40 years of joint expertise to its customers.

Our Mission at Brontide
Brontide is a rumbling noise, heard from a distant seismic activity. An approaching thunder that is coming to shake up a long-stagnant industry. This is how we view ourselves in the accounting world today and what we are positioned to become tomorrow. Brontide is committed to helping our clients succeed by using the best combination of traditional accounting services and modern technology. Our efficient use of technology results in internal cost savings which in return are passed through to our clients. All members of the Brontide team are experts in the Government Contracting industry. Brontide provides a wide range of services including tax planning and preparation, financial statement audits, and FAR and CAS consulting. Brontide is not another CPA firm but your long-term business partner and advisor.

Want to learn more about Brontide? Meet our leaders and learn about their expertise in the world of accounting, from audits and assurance services to outsourced business assistance.